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Sorenzo Props needs a hand…

So the whole sequin thing kinda fell through.. shock horror. Ah well! Moving on.. An absolutely brilliant props man, Sorenzo Props ( in oor fair town of Glasgow commissioned me to make a couple sets […]

She won me over…

  I didn’t understand what all the hub-bub was about Miss Cara Delevingne until I spied this wee beauty of a photo shoot in Australian Vogue. Fashion, Crowns, Tattoos and good eyebrows. A winning combo. […]

Belle Box Boutique BONANZAAA

It’s all go here at Helena headquarters! I’ve been kept busy thanks to my lovely clients – photos soon – and I’m not slowing down! Here’s a wee sneak peek of what’s going on in […]

Such a social butterfly

So now I am linked up to not only Facebook and Twitter but Linked In and Tumblr too so you can catch me almost anywhere now  

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