It’s been a whiiiile…

it has indeed.. but I’m back and I’ve got a few exciting things in the works so this wee blog is about to get alot more exciting! I’m going to take part in a fabulous […]

ok.. ok .. ok .. DEEP BREATHS!  I have followed the fashion blog "Kingdom of Style" pretty much my ENTIRE uni career. It had the ability to make me feel as though I was being […]

Gettin’ wiggy with it…

Parrucche's Princesses and Queens Fabulous Fashion Parade… …Since one late uni work all nighter, in an attempt to stay awake when coffee just didn't seem to do it anymore and I switched "Ru Paul's Drag […]

In Our Thoughts…

… Yesterdays festivities hit a speed bump when Facebook over flowed with "OMG!!"'s telling us that Amy Winehouse had been found dead in her London flat. Now, as troubled as she was I am pretty […]

Prints a-plenty

… I've always had a hankerin' for a good print. Every collection I've designed has always had a very stong printed element, which is strange, come to think of it, considering my own wardrobe doesn't […]

Here it is folks! Zeitgeist photography by Duncan F. Hamilton… Lovely lil Miss Heather. (Don't say matrix to me. *glare*)     *Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!* I just wanted to thank the gloriously tall and talented […]


  I arrived excited, and more than a little proud of myself for successfully navigating us to the club, a place where I have frequented many a time, packed and ready for my first fashion-y […]

And we’re off!

      Set off for the Zeitgeist fashion show! Its going to be an exciting fashion filled night so get down to Buff Club in Glasgow tonight and join in!

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