Sorenzo Props needs a hand…

So the whole sequin thing kinda fell through.. shock horror. Ah well! Moving on..

An absolutely brilliant props man, Sorenzo Props ( in oor fair town of Glasgow commissioned me to make a couple sets of gloves to help him out with a Daft Punk project. Have to admit – Gloves are scary and fiddly and awkward and time-consuming but who doesn’t love a wee challenge? Took a while but I got there!

2014-09-12 23.20.56

First try… too small.

2014-09-12 23.23.03

Ok… that’ll do

2014-09-12 23.22.08

Fancy fabric and A LOT of precision cutting.

2014-09-12 23.20.00


Glad that worked and oh yeaaa new skill. Thom, from Sorenzo Props, is going to make them all fancy and fit to be on a Daft Punker.

Need some gloves? Winter’s coming… just incase you haven’t heard that yet.

Helena x