The lady gets what the lady wants…

When asked by a beautiful woman to make a special dress for her brother’s wedding, who could say no?

This lovely lady had all these ideas of her dream dress bouncing around her head and it was my job to make it happen, so after a couple weeks planning, designing and fitting… this happened….

899541_10151653953103174_1509038605_oBitta cream… bitta black

1353787_10151665772468174_1394613079_olayers layers layers!!!

1371045_10151682529318174_757532166_oPressed and packed and ready to go!!

1453119_10151779849233174_1310760178_o copyIsn’t she loooooovely, isn’t she woooonderfuuul?

So one very happy, and beautiful, client down – and a cheeky wee friendship thrown in too…

If anyone has an interest in a made to measure garment for themselves please email me and I’ll be happy to discuss –

Helena x