She won me over…


I didn’t understand what all the hub-bub was about Miss Cara Delevingne until I spied this wee beauty of a photo shoot in Australian Vogue.

Fashion, Crowns, Tattoos and good eyebrows. A winning combo.

vogue-australia-2013-10-oct (dragged)


vogue-australia-2013-10-oct (dragged) 36vogue-australia-2013-10-oct (dragged) 35

vogue-australia-2013-10-oct (dragged) 33vogue-australia-2013-10-oct (dragged) 32vogue-australia-2013-10-oct (dragged) 31vogue-australia-2013-10-oct (dragged) 30vogue-australia-2013-10-oct (dragged) 29vogue-australia-2013-10-oct (dragged) 27

vogue-australia-2013-10-oct (dragged) 28


model: cara delevingne
photographer: benny horne
stylist: christine centenera
hair: james rowe
make-up: sally branka