HOOOOOOOWL (wolves…get it?)

Delayed gratification. Very much so. I’ve been desperate to update about this FABULOUS night for ages, however, real life has had me by the neck *shiver* I hate necks.

BUT I’M BACK! and fear not my lovers of all things fashion, I come baring gifts… for your eyes.

I was given the lovely opportunity to be part of “In the Company of Wolves” hallowe’en fashion show – a show which I had to do NOTHING apart from show up for a fitting and then drop of my garments in the morning then come back and enjoy the show – it was odd to have the manic backstage experience vanish from a show. I gotta say I missed it….

The show was a complete success – hair, make up and photography was all fantastic so have a wee gander for yourself…

Photography by Daniela Flores.

Profits were all donated to Rape Crisis Scotland.

Many thanks to Claire Stuart and Ally Turnbull for such a well put together show – It made my Hallowe’en.

Helena x

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