Ma’am as in jam NOT Ma’am as in arm…

ok.. ok .. ok .. DEEP BREATHS! 

I have followed the fashion blog "Kingdom of Style" pretty much my ENTIRE uni career. It had the ability to make me feel as though I was being ever so fashion productive when in reality I was gossiping about on blogs for at least an hour every day heh (sad I know but totally justifiable in my line of work). 

On a whim and fresh off the high of 2.1 uni success, I decided to chance my luck and sent a well thought out email to Queen Michelle, one which was sent after careful editing out all the "OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I LOVE YOUUUU!'s.. I sounded quite the eager beaver. Despite all this though her royal highness has saw fit to bless me with a post about me collection.

SHE LIKES ME! SHE REALLY LIKES ME! (said in that desperate award winner kinda way *wink*) 

click the link people… 

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