Prints a-plenty

… I've always had a hankerin' for a good print. Every collection I've designed has always had a very stong printed element, which is strange, come to think of it, considering my own wardrobe doesn't seem to want to cut ties with the teenage angst-filled goth of yesteryear and is made up of waay too much black. I'm not sure I can continue to use the "it's a capsule wardrobe" excuse for much longer. 

The new trends shown in 2012 Resort Wear are full of flowery prints. I know, recoil in shock eh? But fear not my fashion conscious friends! It actually does look different. Bright bold colours with a tropical floral accent really sets this trend aside from it's floral ancestors. 

Aloha Rags really know what they're talkin' about… 


Although.. I can always trust Marc Jacobs to help me out. If I WERE to keep goin with the tried and tested capsule wardrobe idea it's comforting to know that there is something out there for me… ta Marc!


Helena x



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