I arrived excited, and more than a little proud of myself for successfully navigating us to the club, a place where I have frequented many a time, packed and ready for my first fashion-y event, sans the Heriot Watt training wheels. I unpacked the car, waved off my lovely lift in, and patiently waited for the rest of the shows back stage folk to arrive…

… after the tiny bit of embarrassment that accompanied waiting for the club door, complete with MASSIVE padlock, to magically burst open, we, myself and two other red faced fashionistas, are lead through the employee entrance (a perk which I wonder is a life time privilege?)

I was immediately thrown into the hussle and bussle of pre fashion show hysteria which consisted of Gaga loving make-up artists, back comb crazy hair stylists, a construction crew sporting bits of catwalk on their massive shoulders, models, all trying to out stomp the other down the catwalk and one INSANELY tall photographer. I love my life.

Carting my many bags and suitcases to the changing room, I got my collection organised for a run-through. And what a lovely collection it is…

And so began the stripping of models and havin’ a gander at who can sport a Helena O’Neill original best… don’t they all look spiffy?


The show was hectic… and AMAZING all rolled into one. I had the best view in the house atop the balcony, a place where many were able to witness the sneak attack thrust upon me by one of my oldest friends… she should wear a bell. Anyway.. I loved the show and was so impressed by my lovely models doing me proud with their "no smiling STOMP walks".. Look at them go!

After the very successful show and armed with my lovely, brand spanking new business cards (tadum), a decided to test my networking skills. My little black book of contacts is indeed getting fatter… how professional am I?


When it was all over, the car was repacked, and I was eventually able to take off the devil-shoes I was foolish enough to wear on such a busy night, I took a deep breath and congratulated myself in a job well done with a well deserved chippy. Yum yum.

**I would just like to thank everyone that helped to put together and also those who came to see our show. It makes it so worthwhile when people appreciate what we do enough to come out and see it themselves. **

Keep your eyes peeled for the fantastic photos of one Mr Duncan F. Hamilton (the lovely tall photographer of our fancy show) in the next post!

Helena x

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